Our Church Was Closed On Sunday

September 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

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We value connection at RTPCC. In fact, it is so important that it is one of our core values. “We take off our masks and live life together.”  Hanging values on a wall or putting them on the back of a bulletin is not enough; knowing values and doing them are two completely different things.

Three years ago, Casey asked me to consider moving one of our Sunday morning services off-site and I have to admit that I was a little hesitant.  We only have 52 Sundays each year so every one of them is extremely important.  Three doubts kept cropping up in my mind:

What if people refuse to come because it is something different?”

What if the weather is bad?”

What if people do not catch up on their giving the following week?”

This year, we had our Friend Day at the Lake. It will always be a memorable day for RTPCC.  I think the pictures speak for themselves but I wanted to share my personal favorite 10 memories of Friend Day at the Lake:

  1. Welcoming new friends to RTPCC.  I want to thank everyone for inviting your friends; it was so great to see so many visitors.
  2. Seeing old friends I’ve missed over the past several months at RTPCC.
  3. Listening to so many people praying together during our prayer groups.
  4. Hanging out with our seniors. I was so proud of all of our Legacy Group that came to Friend Day at the Lake. Age truly is only a number.
  5. Thinking about the future of RTPCC. Kids were everywhere!  I met some of my life-long friends when I was a kid at a church picnic.  I found myself reminiscing about those days as I watched the kids play together in the sand and water.
  6. Eating the delicious foods and desserts.  You guys really know how to cook!  To everyone who cooked, grilled, transported and served the food…thank you for serving God by serving others.
  7. Riding on a boat with my wife and son. I appreciate everyone who brought your boats to the event. It was an added bonus and my family really enjoyed it.
  8. Watching Isaac FINALLY learn to catch a baseball.
  9. Noticing people smile, hug, laugh and connect.
  10. Watching Missy walk around with a live lizard hanging from her ear. You will never see me do that but I thought it was pretty cool.

October is right around the corner.  I am looking forward to Octoberfest and Senior Appreciation Day with Freedom’s Crossing.

Much love,

Pastor Jason

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One response to Our Church Was Closed On Sunday


    Pastor Jason I really enjoyed being with my church family and all the new visitors at the lake I hope we will have it back there next yr. I love you all. Barbara

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