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There have already been a ton of Octoberfest pictures on Facebook; here are a few more from my phone… Don’t forget, tonight is Small Group Connect Night!  I hope to see you soon.

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You don’t want to miss OctoberFest this Friday night from 6PM to 10PM at RTPCC. One of my favorite things about the event is meeting new friends. At last year’s OctoberFest, the Freeman family visited RTPCC for the very first time. Since then, they have really connected with our church. Leigh Ellen now serves in our nursery and JD helps out with our A/V department. This year, JD and Leigh will be serving at the event as staff.

JD came by the office this afternoon and I learned something new about him. In his early twenties he was in a terrible motorcycle accident. He was in a coma for almost two months and he still has pins in his leg and arm. He told me that it is a miracle that he is alive.

OctoberFest is an opportunity for you to invite a new friend to RTPCC. Maybe you know a family that is looking to get connected to a great church. A quick phone call or a short text message could be an invitation that changes a family’s destiny.

See you tomorrow night,

Pastor Jason


RTPCC is excited to welcome Freedom’s Crossing this weekend at 11:00 AM. This week, I connected with Adam and Rebecca to talk about kids, life and ministry.

JASON: What has Freedom’s Crossing been up to since last year’s concert at RTPCC?

ADAM & BECCA: We’ve been extremely busy ministering all over the country. It’s been amazing traveling to different churches in other states. We have seen many people give their lives to Christ and God has blessed many people. Right after our concert at RTPCC we were voted as the AMG New Artist of the Year. Our single, “You Chose Me” has been climbing the charts and ministering to people all around the world.

JASON: What is new with your family?

ADAM & BECCA: Jeslynn just started kindergarten!! Due to our busy ministry schedule, our only option was to homeschool her. It’s a new adventure everyday. She is doing so well and we are the proudest parents on the planet.

JASON: What does the future look like for Freedom’s Crossing?

ADAM & BECCA: The future looks bright! God has been so faithful to our family and ministry. God is giving us a fresh vision and purpose for our ministry. We are not close to being finished and we know that greater things are in store.

JASON: Would you like to share any prayer requests with us before visiting RTPCC this weekend?

ADAM & BECCA: Please pray for us as we prepare to minister in the Bahamas in the beginning of November. We have an amazing opportunity to minister to the island’s Government officials. We are asking God to use us in a mighty way. We are humbled by the invitation and could definitely use the extra prayers.


This weekend would be an excellent weekend to invite a new friend to RTPCC. Help me spread the word about this weekend’s concert. Also don’t forget that Octoberfest is only one week away from today.


How do you respond when things don’t go your way? How do you act when someone at work yells at you for no good reason? When you make an F on the test? When someone criticizes your work?

Some of you become monsters. You are rude to everyone around. Hurt people hurt people and when you walk through the door you start on a rampage. No one there deserves it. You know that but it doesn’t matter. The monster is unleashed and everyone in the house has to pay the price for your hurt.

Some of you become zombies. “How was your day sweetie?”  “Just leave me alone.”  You get on your phone or computer and mindlessly look at people’s Facebook posts for hours. You lay on the couch. You mope. You moan. You don’t want to play with the kids or watch TV with the family. All you want to do is sleep or lay around thinking about how unfair life has been to you.

Some of you are normal people. You have a great concept about life. You realize that the world doesn’t exist to revolve around you. You dust off the dirt of failure or the crumbs of criticism and move on. You know that there is always tomorrow.

People who learn how to be normal get to celebrate the 50 year wedding anniversaries. The roller coasters of life do not make them sick because they don’t get too pumped about the highs or too deflated in the lows.

I like being around normal people. One day…I hope to be one.

He who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. Proverbs 17:27


Things I hope you will remember….

1)  Freedom’s Crossing will be at RTPCC on Sunday, October 20th.  The group was voted by AMG as the new artist of the year in 2012.

2) Octoberfest will happen at RTPCC on Friday, October 25th.

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How can you lead the next generation to a better future? Believe in them. Love them. Expect great things from their lives. Pray for them. Pray with them. Hug them. Support them. Encourage them. Mentor them. Model a life of Christ. Give them a chance to lead.

Yesterday was youth Sunday at RTPCC. Watching our teenagers lead worship, pray, take up the offering and give testimonies sets my heart on fire. Youth and children inspire me and watching them yesterday gives me great hope that our church will still be impacting our community for years to come. I never want to dampen the flame on their life. I am SO proud of our young people.

If you get a chance today, check out this article by Mac Lake. I met Mac several months ago and he has a passion for the next generation.

What do tomorrow’s leaders look like today?

This week, I read 5 quotes that REALLY bothered me.  In fact, they have caused me to lose sleep because I can’t believe that this is the mindset of today’s church:

People within today’s faith movement tend to treat young people as a side show.

88% of kids raised in church leave the church at the age of 18 never to return again.

Over and over in interviews, christian teenagers say that they feel like a tiny minority in their schools. They said that they often feel alone in their struggles to live by Biblical values.

Because adults do not understand today’s teenagers they completely ignore them. Their actions and complaints loudly demonstrate to our teens that they are not valued and that their voices do not need to be heard.

Our young people are out there wondering if anybody cares. All over America they are leaving churches and no one is even bothering to ask why.

Read more about why young people are leaving the church…

God is trusting us to mentor and love His next generation. It’s up to us to lead them to a better future and God is going to hold us accountable for the love that we share with our teens.  Our young people are capable of doing and becoming much more than we give them credit for.  Many of the teens at RTPCC are standing at the edge of the diving board to greatness and they just need someone to believe in them. If you attend RTPCC, make sure to take time out to tell our youth what a WONDERFUL job they did on Sunday.  If we don’t believe in our youth, who will?


Information for RTPCC:

October 20th – Special concert with Freedom’s Crossing and Senior Appreciation Day

October 25th – Octoberfest

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We value connection at RTPCC. In fact, it is so important that it is one of our core values. “We take off our masks and live life together.”  Hanging values on a wall or putting them on the back of a bulletin is not enough; knowing values and doing them are two completely different things.

Three years ago, Casey asked me to consider moving one of our Sunday morning services off-site and I have to admit that I was a little hesitant.  We only have 52 Sundays each year so every one of them is extremely important.  Three doubts kept cropping up in my mind:

What if people refuse to come because it is something different?”

What if the weather is bad?”

What if people do not catch up on their giving the following week?”

This year, we had our Friend Day at the Lake. It will always be a memorable day for RTPCC.  I think the pictures speak for themselves but I wanted to share my personal favorite 10 memories of Friend Day at the Lake:

  1. Welcoming new friends to RTPCC.  I want to thank everyone for inviting your friends; it was so great to see so many visitors.
  2. Seeing old friends I’ve missed over the past several months at RTPCC.
  3. Listening to so many people praying together during our prayer groups.
  4. Hanging out with our seniors. I was so proud of all of our Legacy Group that came to Friend Day at the Lake. Age truly is only a number.
  5. Thinking about the future of RTPCC. Kids were everywhere!  I met some of my life-long friends when I was a kid at a church picnic.  I found myself reminiscing about those days as I watched the kids play together in the sand and water.
  6. Eating the delicious foods and desserts.  You guys really know how to cook!  To everyone who cooked, grilled, transported and served the food…thank you for serving God by serving others.
  7. Riding on a boat with my wife and son. I appreciate everyone who brought your boats to the event. It was an added bonus and my family really enjoyed it.
  8. Watching Isaac FINALLY learn to catch a baseball.
  9. Noticing people smile, hug, laugh and connect.
  10. Watching Missy walk around with a live lizard hanging from her ear. You will never see me do that but I thought it was pretty cool.

October is right around the corner.  I am looking forward to Octoberfest and Senior Appreciation Day with Freedom’s Crossing.

Much love,

Pastor Jason

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  1. Friend Day at the Lake is this coming Sunday, September 22nd at Falls Lake. We will be at the Sandling Beach Shelter #4.  Sandling Beach is located on NC 50, three miles north of NC 98. The address is 14605 Creedmoor Road, Wake Forest, NC 27587
  2. There is a $6 parking cost ($4 for seniors).
  3. We will be starting at 11AM. Please try to be there on-time.
  4. Bring a dessert and a side item to share. (Please bring items that do not have to be warmed up. Examples – cut fruit, pasta salads, etc. Also remember to bring serving utensils.)
  5. Please remember to bring lawn chairs.
  6. We will be having worship, a message and prayer-time. After the service, we will be enjoying a meal together. (After the service, please take your dishes before moving on to other activities).
  7. Weather permitting, after the service we will be playing corn hole, throwing football, and having boat rides.  There is also a beach area for kids to play on. Falls Lake has nice fishing areas and trails to enjoy.
  8. We have reserved a shelter so we will still have Friend Day at the Lake if it is raining.

I hope to see you there,

Pastor Jason