Water Day at the Park???

August 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

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I was completely devastated on Sunday when the news reported severe storms and flash flood warnings. That’s really not what you want to hear when you’ve planned an outdoor service at the park. I can’t even begin to explain how hard it was raining on Sunday morning. I was hanging out with some of the team at the church and I said, “Well, I guess this means I have to eat a ton of food.”  I tried to be funny but I was really discouraged. When we got there, the park was nearly empty. But then…cars started pulling up. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. By the time service started, nearly 100 people had gathered inside of the shelter. I had so much fun connecting with everyone and I have to admit that this is a Sunday that I will always remember. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a special day. Your work and dedication was greatly appreciated.



City Kids is excited to announce our first Back to School Bash!! This is a 3-day event where we will celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year.

The first activity is FAMILY DINNER AND A MOVIE on Friday Aug. 24 at 7pm. You will get the FULL movie experience complete with popcorn without the theatre prices…IN FACT IT’S FREE!!! Be sure to bring out the whole family! Come hungry!  REMEMBER: The movie starts at 7 so get there early for the good seats.  Our featured selection will be “The Lorax” and pizza will be served during the movie.

The second activity is PUMP-IT-UP on Saturday Aug. 25 at 11:15-1:30. We will serve cake, chips and drink. Drop off the kids and get a bit of a break while we wear them out. Don’t worry about bringing cash, we are picking up this tab too! (This is meant for kids elementary school ages, if your kids aren’t in school yet PLEASE ok it with Missty first)

The finale will be IMAGINATION STATION on Sunday Aug. 26 during regular CITY KIDS service!! We will be having a special service where kids get to have 4 activities from cooking to praying about their school year.

PLEASE CONTACT MISSTY via TEXT (919)257-1763, or FACEBOOK to let her know how many events your children will be attending ASAP as space is limited and we need to make sure we are prepared. THANKS SO MUCH! We hope to see you soon!


Remember, we will also be showing the movie COURAGEOUS this Saturday and Sunday night at 6PM and Wednesday night (August 29th) at 7PM.


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